How We Raise Our Puppies

We raise our puppies in a healthy, clean and loving environment. They have access to outside and fresh air and room to run and play as they wish. They have their own living quarters which are climate controlled. Heaters for the winter and air conditioners in the summer. Each is loved and cared for and also played with by my son and myself.

At two weeks of age, we start the pup on a de-worming schedule with a mild de-wormer, (nemex-2). Moms pass worms to the young pups through their uterine- lining. They can cause serious damage to a youngster if left to mature.

The pups are de-wormed at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks with the nemex-2. I skip week five and at the sixth week I use Panacur for three days. At 6 weeks, I give their first puppy shot (Ft. Dodge Puppy Shot). Around week five we introduce Eukanuba small bites for small breeds, sometimes I add a Tbls. of canned food mixed with the dry just to entice them to eat. Then when they start eating I quit with the canned food.

At about six weeks of age, after all the de- worming and the first shot, I gradually take Mom away (a little at a time). When the pups are eating and doing fine without Mom, you will be called and arrangements made for you to pick up your baby.

Deposits paid on puppies are non refundable unless the puppy dies while in my care or becomes seriously ill.

Once the dog has been purchased, if there are issues it is the new owners responsibility to re-home the dog. We will not accept any dogs back and no refunds will be issued.


Please contact us with questions at 270-932-1332 (call or text)

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